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Changing Mindsets Through Results

The argument of being too busy to do the simple things right usually dissolves once additional leads and sales start arriving.

Doing the simple things right each day generates leads. For example, having each vehicle in stock with photos and a video creates content that can be shared across lots of different mediums and channels.

Working with one group of franchised dealerships in Dublin they had about 20% of their vehicles with actual photos. The rest were stock photos. ‘’One Corsa looks the same as another Corsa’’ Now! since the start of the year, the group has a 97% compliance on photos and an 80% compliance on videos. Enquires are up across all channels by 45% and their conversion rates from Carzone and DoneDeal is over 60%.

What is needed to create the desire to have all vehicles with photos and video is pressure from above and piers? In the past, I have used league tables shared between each sales person or between each DP in the case of a multi site franchise. Bench-marking is a very powerful tool among salespeople and DP’s.

Once images and videos start to increase the subsequent increase in leads and conversions are shared with MD’s and DP. This is where momentum is gained as MD’s and DP’s see the results and want more. Passive non-compliance is not tolerated nor is the desire to revert back.

Why Choose me? I have proven, practical real world, in-house dealership experience. What I do! no one else is doing.

By now most people in the industry have had the experience of the person with the digital marketing degree who will work with you for a fee and manage your social media and or AdWords. I am not that person, While I earned my stripes working within agencies gaining qualifications and experience, It is safe to say what I do goes much further than just AdWords and Facebook.

I have also been a Digital Marketing Manager and Group Marketing Manager for large dealerships.

I know what you need to know.

System Building.

  • Lead Generation. (it’s not just AdWords and Social media)

  • Lead Source Attribution. (there are more options than ‘’Walk-ins)

  • Lead Management (cradle to grave)

  • Making sense of Data (spend money where you make money)

  • Lead Recovery (did we do everything to secure the sale)

  • Changing Mindsets through result ( we are too busy to do…. Oh wait so when we did X we got loads of Y’s.. Tell me more )

System Building

In a lot of cases, dealerships have no systems in place to help manage their incoming leads. This can be anything from VOIP telephone system or a lead management system. I have experience in setting these up and putting the process in place to capture both digital and traditional leads.

Lead Generation

Combining Socials, Paid Social advertising, Google paid search, Youtube and CRM data with each other is something not often done in the Irish Motor Industry. How many times have you tied up an ECRM promotion or new car sale by using CRM data on social media? Probably never.

When was the last time you checked how many of your stock had photos or video attached to them?

Doing simple things right everyday generates leads.

Lead Source Attribution

It's important to know 100% where your leads come from. Investment of budget in the correct mediums increases leads and conversions. So don't leave the attribution of leads to your Salespeople, Otherwise, everyone is a walk-in. This goes back to system building. I have experience of installing lead management system in dealerships. One particular System allocates lead source automatically removing the issue of incorrectly allocated leads. Spend money where you make money.. Otherwise, you spend money where you don’t make money and that’s not good.

Lead Management

Again this goes back to system building. It is important that when you receive a lead its managed to the point it turns into a sale or not. It is very important to sales managers and DP to understand what happens to a lead once it enters the building. How many times a lead is contacted before it becomes a sale is just one aspect that leads to better lead management. Understanding how many phone calls where made and call duration on unsuccessful sales can also shed light on poor sales practices.

Integrating your VOIP phone with your lead management tool to show total call time per user will also show who is working harder for the sale. The sales person at the top of the sales chat tends to have the most talk-time.

Knowing where the lead came from, how it was handled and the eventual outcome is very powerful information to have as it informs decisions that can change the fortunes of any business.

Making sense of Data

Most people struggle to make sense of data coming from their lead management systems. Even more, struggle to make sense of data coming from Google Analytics. Lucky I’m one of those people that loves nothing more than to dive into that data and make better plans from it.

Again, spend money where you make money.. Otherwise, you spend money where you don’t.

Lead Recovery

Again using the lead management tool it is easy to see leads that have not been worked. Lead statuses of ‘’New Opportunity’’ two days after it arrived is a dead giveaway. Setting up automated reports for sales managers and DP for morning meeting stops revenue from being left on the table.

The Next Step is Yours


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