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How we work

I though I would write a little post which I think will give you and idea of how we work.

Earlier this month we got a call form a corporate gifts company who had just had their Website hacked. The owner who is always super busy just hadn't got the time to deal with the developer that built the site originally. Time spent on this issue was time away for doing what he is best at and that's making money for his business. He also felt he was technically unprepared to take on this conversation with the developer so he engaged our services.

A quick look at the site told us that his style sheet had been corrupted and this gave us a starting point for our discussion with the developer.

On contacting the developer we found out that they didn't keep a record of the FTP and Cpanel access codes that we needed to access the site and clear the problem. A quick call to another developer that we knew who just also happens to have done some work on the site previously and we had the codes we needed.

Our knowledge of the both the technology involved and the people in the industry to work with seen the site back up and running in a timely manner. The site was secured against any future attack.

Our client was involved in a tender process at the time with a state body so having a broken website wouldn't look good.

Our client found the experience of being able to had over the responsibility of fixing this issue easy and ultimately rewarding.

We are now engaged by this business to develop and implement a new digital strategy.

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