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My Digital Marketing Manager is an outsourced digital marketing management service which gives businesses and enterprises of all sizes the opportunity to work with a digital marketing professional without the costs associated with having one in-house.

Not all companies can afford to have a full time in-house digital marketing manager and not all companies need to have a full time digital marketing manager. This is where My Digital Marketing Manager comes in.

We can be as involved as much or as little as you like. We can work onsite and attend meetings or we can be a friendly professional adviser at the end of the phone.

After working in-house and Agency side for years I can see how the role of the digital marketing manager/assistant has evolved. The ones that manage multiple platforms (PPC, SEO, CRM, Social) tend to use agencies to manage these and so become a centre point that these agencies to report into. The ones that manage less of digital work load tend to also wear another hat in the business.

In both cases these could be handled by My Digital Marketing Manager with a cost saving to the business through time saved and or a reduced headcount.

In a few cases where it's possible My Digital Marketing can reduce the need for external help from digital marketing agencies as we would have these skills in-house.

As for being aware and up to date with the latest trends in digital marketing! My Digital Marketing Manager is second to none. After spending time working in different agencies and each of them having their own specialist areas My Digital Marketing Manager is best placed to advise on which is best for our clients and which will bring the best return on investment.

So weather your a start-up or a long established business in need of digital marketing help email or call us for a chat and we can see where you fit in with My Digital Marketing Manager.

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